7 Essential Benefits of Raw Diet for Cats

One thing quite noticeable about wild cats is the fact that they are usually more agile and healthier. Ever wondered why? The feline is a predator and therefore, its body is generally designed to consume a prey-based kind of food, and more importantly, a prey raw diet is usually raw.

Cooking drastically brings down the quality of food through the loss of minerals, vitamins and other vital nutrients. Many cat owners are not aware that processed pet food is basically meat taken through very high temperatures that renders it free from all the necessary nutrients such as amino acids.

The benefits of Raw diet for cats outlined below will certainly change the perspective cat owners have in regard to offering good diet to their feline companions.

Raw Diet

Benefits of Raw Diet for Cats

  • Enhances digestion
  • Cats require nothing but meat, even more importantly, raw meat. Their digestive system is basically designed to handle large quantities of meat diet.

    Because the digestive tract contains a large quantity of acid that effectively digests meats and obliterates any bacteria that the cat has.

    Cats have very little ability to digest carbohydrates or plant diet which clog the digestive tract leading to complications.

  • Reduces the quantities of stool and smell
  • A proper raw diet means that a cat’s body will utilize all the food taken leading to little stool quantity emitted. A raw diet also ensures that their stools hardly ever smell. This is an adaptation in the wild that makes cats not attract too much attention from their predators

  • Eliminates the coat shedding
  • A cat on a raw diet rarely sheds hair and ensures a healthy softer coat. Raw meat offers omega-6 and essential fatty acids that are responsible for healthy skin. A cat shedding hair can really be a nuisance.

  • Increases a cat’s energy

  • A high diet of raw meat is crucial for a cat’s energy needs. Unlike human being who essentially burn carbohydrates to produce energy, cats burn protein to form energy for its various needs. A continued supply of enough proteins will guarantee a very energetic and healthy cat.

  • Enhances weight loss for overweight cats
  • Improper diet is the cause an overweight cat. It usually makes the cat take more food to make up for the required essential nutrients. Raw diet for cats will ensure that they consume just the right amount of food necessary for bodily functions and processes. An energetic cat will also burn more calories.

  • Ensures dental health
  • A cat can certainly not brush its teeth. For this reason, they are adapted to clean their teeth through continuous chewing of raw meat and bones. Carbohydrates produce a starchy film that facilitates the buildup of bacteria that cause gum diseases.

  • Promotes a healthy urinary
  • A healthy urinary system relies on adequate levels of water. The high moisture content in raw meat reduces the accumulation of alkaline in the urine which can cause inflammation in the urinary tract.

Cats in the wild will basically eat anything including bones, which equips them with calcium. Raw diet for cats may sound rather far-fetched, but it will ensure that cats remain healthy and energized to entertain us.

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