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Cats are pets animal and found almost in every family, but often it occurs problem to us like it destroys complicated things, scratches on our valuable furniture, moreover makes our house dirty filthy. For getting rid of this problem developer invented special cat trees for them. These cat trees have all other facilities that a cat usually need. These trees are in different shape and color. The best cat trees are rich with excellent features. Read the best cat trees reviews to have a good conception of it.

What is Cat Trees?

A cat tree is a simulated shape for a cat to play, exercise and takes a rest on it. A cat tree is a structure usually made of compressed wood, sisal rope, faux fur, etc. it’s usually designed and developed for living the cat. Cat plays and stays in it with great comfort. The designer has designed this cat tree considering the comfortable of a cat.

Best Cat Trees Reviews

Among the lots of cat trees, only five best cat trees are going to review here. These five cat trees are most popular in the market due to their excellent features and qualities.


Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo Review

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo is popular for its rich features. It has availed for scratching, climbing and sleeping. The cat also can exercise on this tree condo. This entire furniture is converted with faux fur and the structure is made of pressed wood, the design is fantastic to look at. It will add extra beauty to the house. Assembling this tree condo is so much easy going that anyone can install it without facing any problem. Living rooms of this cat tree are nice to look at.

  • Materials are soft and comfortable to live in.
  • This cat tree is quite large and sturdy.
  • It is log lasting cat tree.
  • It has Attractive design that’s why everyone likes this cat tree.

  • Being large it takes much space at your home.
  • Require a new single lol.


Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review

This Go Pet Club Cat Tree is one of the best cat trees in the current market. The great features bring it intense popularity. It has two condos for staying and two toy mice for getting pleaser playing with these toys. The post is wrapped with sisal rope for preventing scratch and faux fur cover the whole material that provide soft touch feelings to the cat. Installing the cat tree is not complex at all.

  • Cats can play with the tools like toy mice hanging on the rope.
  • Firm compress wood structure ensure longer durability.
  • Cats will not destroy other materials at the home.
  • Elegant design and color.
  • Easy going installing system.
  • Perfect for all types of cat.

  • Price is little bit high.
  • No any major cons found with this cat trees.


The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Review

This cat tower is designed in such a way that it’s really looking like a tower. In the market The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower has become most popular due to its magnificent design and color. This best cat trees attached a brown berber carpet with a view to adding extra comfort to the cat. A sisal pad added for scratching, a soft cushions made with faux suede cover is fixed inside and above the staying places. Assembling necessity tools are also provided with this package. It’s popular for its eye catching design.

  • This cat tower is very sturdy and tall in size.
  • The carpet attached with it is removable for washing.
  • Attractive design and nice to look at.
  • Due to sturdy structure it last longer time than other cat trees.

  • It is a little bit costly in comparing with others.
  • A bit complex to keep on together.


Vesper Cat Furniture Review

This Vesper Cat Furniture is somehow different than others. Its design is fixed and builds with two storied system with a cube cave on the first floor. Soft memory foam is set up in the cave to provide extra comfort to the cat. This is going to be an excellent resting and playing place for the cat. The dimension of this furniture is 22.1 x 22.1 x 47.9 (W x L x H). Color and design is standard that will suite to the home.

  • Excellent design attracts the customer.
  • Hard structure last this furniture longer.
  • Changeable covers are machine washable.
  • Cats feel relax in it.

  • Design for small and medium cats only.
  • No any special cons found on this product.


Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Beige Review

This 52” tall Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Beige is popular in customer for its simple design. The structure built with compressed wood, sisal rope and faux fur base cover. This is suitable for medium size cat. The dimension of this cat tree is 21 x 21 x 52 inch (W x L x H) , base board dimension 19 x 19 (W x L), Condo Size 12 x12 x 10 ( W x L x H). It has a ladder for climbing up on the top and two perches on the top of each pillar.

  • Sturdy compress wood panel structure helps to last it longer time.
  • Fashionable design and color attracts the customer.
  • Cats can play with the rope and take rest In the comfortable rooms.
  • Scratch less pad will protect the trees.
  • Faux fur cover provide soft touch feeling to the cat.

  • It is something costly.
  • Large and specious.

Before buying what to look for Cat Trees?

Lots of things, that one’s have to keep in your mind before purchasing a cat tree. The qualities of best cat trees are referring below. The features are key features of a cat tree.

  • Structure
  • Among all other features structure of a cat tree is the most important. The more structure is sturdy the more will last long. So, it is must to overlook the structure before purchasing a cat tree. In most cases, the structure is compressed wood.

  • Size and Design
  • Before buying any cat tree, ones should notice the size of it. There are different sizes of cat tree are available in the market but all would not be suitable for you house. Sometimes these cat trees are 40” to 95” tall in height.

  • Cover and Canvass
  • As a cover, most of the cat tree uses faux fur and the cover should be machine washable and removable if not it would be hazarding of cleaning.

  • Design and Color
  • Different cat trees are made with different color and design. One should not buy only choosing the design or color; because others feature is same importance as usual. In spite of this, design and color also should be selected matching with room color.


All the cat trees have special features and qualities of their own. But in comparing with each other few cat trees are best among them. We strongly recommended the cat trees which has full requirement of your cat. In this regard, Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Beige is best but others cat trees are not less than any way they are also same popular in the market.

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