Best wood cutting board Reviews

Are you looking for the best brand of the wood cutting board in? Using different brand, but did not get the best result for the best wood cutting board. In this article, we will show you how to select a good quality cutting board. To save your knife choose a good quality wood cutting board. Wood is soft, so it protects the edge of the knife then plastic and other synthetic options. Through this article, let us have a good choice of quality wooden cutting board.

5 Best wood cutting board Reviews

We have collected well-established brands to reach the right decision for your needs, here presented 5 best wood cutting board review.


Teak Cutting Board – Rectangle Carving Board Reviews

This teak cutting boards size 24-inch by 18 inches by 1.5 inches. It is sizable and solid of kitchen apparatus. This is a rectangle carving board with hand grips by Teakhaus brand. It may the last cutting board you will ever need any other. This edge grain board made with durability and longevity. Teaks resistance to moisture and abundant natural oils for make it an ideal wood that is for cooking applications. This board is very easy to clean, wash with soap and water, sometimes by mineral oil require. This board is made of teak wood, with all the qualities. This teak cutting board size 24-inch by 18 inches by 1.5 inch. It is sizable and solid of kitchen apparatus.

  • Fabulous rectangle edge grain chopping block, great review on American test kitchen.
  • Excellent quality, perfect size, nice thickness, solid piece and this board is known for stability and longevity.
  • Boards dimension are a 24x18x1.5 inch, 14lb.
  • Perfect wood, good weight for the cooking application.
  • Lots of workspace, doesn’t move in use.
  • Managed and sustainable plantation located.


John Boos RA03 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board Reviews

John boos & company is the number one best seller in the United States. This best wood cutting board is FDA- approved. Used by skilled chef and is used throughout the United States. This high-quality cutting-edge grain and grain structure available to the board, it is more than 39 shapes and sizes. Manufactured by John Boos & Co. Butcher block countertops and restaurants, deceiving, and even the White House to cut the number of board-seller. Boos block cutting board factory is built based on John Boos & Co. Effingham Illinois. Since its inception in 1887. John Boos & Co. strives to provide the highest quality products the maximum selective consumers. The size of this board is a 24x18x24.4 lb. solid piece, good weight, don’t move in use.

  • This board is compact, flexible maple wood cutting board.
  • Excellent quality, lots of work space, size 24x18x2.25 inch.
  • FDA- approved.
  • Two flat sides with little rounded edges.
  • Structures a hard maple edges grain.
  • Cream finished.
  • Handgrips on the tops, easy carrying.


Catskill Craftsmen 30-Inch Pro Series Reversible Cutting Board Reviews

Catskills has created this type of cutting board for the exact experiments faced by today’s professional and semi-professional cooks. They perfectly fit this into any kitchen, commercial or residential. This board made the perfect size for any kitchen or restaurant. Its design and most grueling of work under long life guarantees. It has a deep juice groove and a plain reversible side. This type board helps any kind of food preparation. Made in the USA from North American Hardwood.

  • This board is oiled finish with grain edge.
  • It is Flexible
  • One side juice groove and plain on the other side.
  • This board is Prepared in the USA.
  • Measurement of this board is a 30x20x1.5 inch.


Catskill Craftsmen Super Slab With Finger Grooves Reviews

Catskill cutting board is remarkable quality and exact what you would expect from Americans craftsmen. This is a domestic hardwood chopping block for serious has an ultimate end. This type of Catskill’s is grommet collection. It offers a wide range of chopping blocks for every occasion. This board has special features such as round corners, a deep blended juice grooves. Wooden ball feet with rubber pads. A variety of grain pattern for durability, toughness, and beauty. Obviously, all boards are oil finishes. Rugged beauty more than 30 pounds.

  • Excellent quality, perfect size, made by the USA.
  • For easier handling, it has beautiful finger slots.
  • 20x20x3 inches dimensions.
  • Oiled finished and end grains.
  • It is reversible, perfect wood for the cooking application.
  • It has hardwood, amazingly good chef style cutting board.


Mountain Woods 15-By-12 Inch Butcher Block Cutting Board Reviews

This mountain woods Butcher block cutting board is special for protecting your counters and table tops with its two-tone butcher block is suitable for chopping and slicing both sides of the board. This type of cutting board safe protected with a food-safe finish. Excellent quality and perfect size.

  • This wood cutting board is extra thick two-tone.
  • Easy to grip and lift, it has routed handles into the sides.
  • Measure 15x12x2 inch.
  • Suitable for chopping and slicing both sides.
  • Weight 7.3 lb.

What we recommend?

Before writing this article we follow lots of research about the best wood cutting board. We believe that all the five types of wood cutting boards mentioned here are good qualities. However, we can recommend you to buy Teak Cutting Board- Rectangle Carving Board because it is a stable and solid of kitchen apparatus. The brand is Teakhaus.This board is resistant to humidity. Edge grain board made with durability and longevity. Very easy to clean, wash with soap and water. This board is made of Teak wood, with all the qualities. Please provide your valuable comments and share with us.

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