10 Creative steps on how to bathe a dog at home easily

Bathing a dog is done for many reasons such as keeping it clean, to maintain a good smell or simply for fun. Whatever the case, how to bath a dog is perhaps a question that most have. It can be quite hectic, but with these ten creative steps on how to bathe a dog, it becomes easier and even more fun.

How to bathe a dog

How to bathe a dog

Step 1: Brush up

It is advisable to brush and comb your dog’s coat before washing it. This is done to remove any tangles that could get worse when wet. If your dog is thick, shaggy or has a double coat, brushing it up will help you avoid tangling your hands in the far during the bathing process.

Step 2: Select the right shampoo

It is important to note that you should not use human shampoo on dogs, as dogs have a different pH balance than human beings, and human shampoo could offset the pH balance. This could foster bacteria and viruses to your dog.

When doing a selection, select a shampoo that does not cause an irritation the dog’s skin or makes its skin dry.

Step 3: choose a location.

The location is quite important. It is advisable to chose a location where the dog is comfortable. If the dog is small, a laundry sink will do. And if big, a bath tab will do. If you are in for more fun, you can wash the dog from outside your house if the weather is not too chilly.

Step 4: Trim the dog’s nails

If your dog has long nails, trim them to avoid scratching you during the bathing process. Be cautious not to trim too low as it might cause bleeding.

Step 5: Protect the ears and the eyes

Use cotton balls just inside each of your dog’s ear to prevent water from getting into its ears. This will also prevent secondary ear infection originating from moisture entering the ear canal.

Step 6: Get the temperature right.

Just like human beings, dogs are sensitive to temperature. Check for the temperature of the bathing water, it should not be hot, but warm. Cold water on the other hand will give your dog chills.

Step 7: Wet and shampoo your dog.

Take time to wet your dog- it could take time if your dog has a thick coat. However, do not apply water on the dog’s face; just water it from neck to back. During shampooing, using your hands is preferred over using a cloth so that you are able to take note of unusual signs such as lumps and inflammation.

Step 8: Wash the body

Wash the body after shampooing, and waiting for a few minutes. Wash the body and not the head. Concentrate on the armpits, stomach , tail and groin area. As for the face, clean with a damp washcloth. Do not use water on the face

Step 9: Rinse and Dry.

Rinse and rinse until water coming from its coat is clean. Dry with an absorbent microfiber towel. You can use a hairdryer under low heat or set on cold.

Step 10: Comb the coat and groom it

Last but not least, comb the dog’s coat after washing to prevent it from tangling then groom it.


Washing a dog at home is easy, done in these creative steps above. How else would you show your canine friend that he is appreciated!

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