10 Golden Tips on How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Live Longer

Every dog owner’s innate desire is that their dog lives longer so that they can share more moments together and so that they make stronger bonds as each day passes. They would do anything in their power to make that happen, to keep their dog healthy. How do you keep your dog healthy?Dog Healthy

How to keep your dog healthy

1. Maintain your dog’s teeth

Tooth decay is common in both human beings and unfortunately, dogs too. It can further lead to internal infections especially the vital organs such as the heart and the kidney. Have a special kit inclusive of toothpaste and a double-sided toothbrush. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly to keep it healthy.

2. Regular check-up and vaccination

It is advisable to take your dog to a veterinarian once per year if it is big, and at least three times per year if it is still a puppy. This is a precautionary measure since the vet might detect a developing problem or any diseases and therefore treat it before it is too late. Proper, timely vaccination during the proper stages of your dog’s life will keep your dog in sound health.

3. Train your dog

Events do occur where the dog needs a recall. Train your dog to cross roads, for example- you never know when you will accidentally let go of the leash in the middle of a busy road. Train it to swim, so that it does not drown when it accidentally falls into a large mass of water. Better safe than sorry.

4. Maintain a healthy diet

Obesity is not a struggle for human beings only, even dogs do get obese. To keep your dog healthy, keep it on a healthy diet. Avoid over-feeding it with fatty human food. Take note of the frequency you feed it and keep it constant.

5. Keep the dog clean

No one likes a dirty dog, that’s for sure but even to keep a dog healthy, keeping it clean always is mandatory. This keeps the germs away and prevents diseases which could cause death. It also prevents nagging insects.

6. Exercise!

Exercising your dog helps it to keep it in shape. Exercise has been proven to lower stress, balance moods, and emotions for both human beings and dogs. Exercising constantly is the best way to keep your dog in shape.

7. Shape the mind too

Dogs thrive on mental stimulation to keep them happy. Sign up for obedience lessons, interact one-on-one with your dog, engage in socialization as well as sporty activities where they can participate.

8. Have a pet first- aid kit

Injuries do occur at times, maybe during playing. It is good to have a pet first-aid kit which should include Latex gloves, cotton balls, peroxide, gauze and at least a few contacts of local vets you can contact. This will enable you to administer first aid hence save its life.

9. Give your dog rest

Yes, dogs need rest too. They are up and down spending energy playing around, chasing and all that. At the end of it all, dogs do get tired. Take it a priority to give your dog one hour of rest every day.

10. love your dog

This is perhaps the most basic. Even dogs have emotions, love them, do not make them feel lonely, or they will die of loneliness. Cuddle them and even kiss them.


These are the ten golden tips on how to keep your canine friend healthy and live longer; from the utterly basic to the rather sophisticated ones. Never forget that as the dog owner, his entire life and health depends on you.

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