How to Make Fried Chicken At Home

If you’re on a diet, fried chicken is probably not on your food choice list due to the extra fat from the oil. However, do you know that fried chicken can actually be a healthy dish if you know how to cook it? Oven frying the chicken is the trick to making it a healthier recipe. By baking the chicken, you will still get the crisp and crunch of fried chicken without the oil that comes from deep-frying. You are also able to do other work while the chicken is baking. So now, check out the detailed process of oven frying a chicken:

fried chicken

1First of all, pick your favorite cut of chicken. For oven frying, you can use any cut of chicken such as breasts, wings, drumsticks or thighs. You had best split your chicken into smaller cuts for a tastier result.

However, make sure that your cuts are not too small since they will be cooked at high heat. Cutting the chicken into very small pieces will make them dry before the breading is crispy.

It is also not recommended to cut them into large pieces since it will make the coating burn before they are done inside. Then, should you include the bone in or not? Well, it depends on your personal preference.

Naturally, boneless breasts and thighs are a great choice since you can eat them with less hassle. If you leave the bone intact, you should remember that the cooking time would be an increase.

2The second thing to do is to coat your chicken. There are some coating methods you can choose to make oven-fried chicken. The first is what is called the 1-2-3 method. It includes three steps:

dredge your chicken in seasoned flour, slip it into an egg wash or buttermilk and the last is to dredge it in the seasoned breading.

The second method is almost the same as the first one. You only need to soak your chicken in the egg wash or buttermilk then dredges it in the breading.

3After coating your chicken, then you can cook it. If you are committed to healthy eating habits, you will be glad to find out that you don’t need to pan fry it using much oil. First of all, you need to preheat your oven to 400 F. Prepare a baking dish and grease it lightly.

Choose a large baking dish that can accommodate all of your chicken pieces. If your chicken pieces are too crowded, it’s hard to make them brown evenly. Bake the chicken for 45 or 50 minutes and then turn it over for another 20 to 30 minutes.

4Once your chicken has been baked, now it’s time to enjoy it. Making healthy fried chicken is very easy to do. Plus, you can use the baking time to clean up your cabinet or prepare mashed potatoes.

Tips To Cooking Perfect Chicken for fried chicken

You must always use fresh chicken. Fresh chicken wins the taste test when compared to frozen. You really can tell the difference.

Buy the right bird for the cooking task at hand. Believe it or not, your cooking method should determine what type of bird you purchase. Just ask you local butcher which bird is best for roasting, frying or broiling.

Buy whole chickens and cut them up yourself or have the butcher cut the chicken into pieces for you.

Don’t get too extravagant when it comes to seasoning. Your seasoning mixture should not entail mixing every spice and herb in your kitchen cabinet. Salt and pepper and maybe one other spice or herb work best.

There you have it, what to avoid when cooking chicken and tips for cooking the perfect chicken.

To avoid the boredom of eating the same menu every day, you should try the unique fried chicken recipe and other healthy recipes for your family.

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