How to Remove Pet Hair from Carpet without Vacuum

Pet hair from our adorable animals can be very disappointing especially when it finds its way into our carpeting, upholstery, clothe, and furniture. This does not mean that you will start to distance yourself from your pets, as you can easily remove and clean the undesirable animal hair

When it comes to removal and cleaning of undesirable hair, a lot of people decide to use a vacuum cleaner, but there are numerous ways you can remove and clean this hair.

Removing animal fur or hair helps in preventing the piling up of unwanted hair which assists in preventing diseases such as asthma.

pet hair

10 Step to Remove Pet Hair from Carpet

Step One: Soak your hands in a bowl full of water

Clean the pet hair off by following a downward movement. The hair will form a ball and stick on your wet hands. It also prevents it from sticking on your clothes.

Step Two: Moisten-clean with Kitchen Sponge

You can utilize a sponge mop if you are cleaning unwanted hair from a minimal-pile carpet. The fur is supposed to roll up into bundles that you can easily pick off from your hands.

Step Three: Use a Sweeper

Carpet sweepers are very effective at picking up small objects. They do not reach further into the fibers to remove undesirable hair but they do not damage your carpets. Brushes in the sweeper collect objects into a bin that you would use to dispose of right after every utility.

Step Four: Pick Up the Dirt

Pick up the large and visible pieces of hair that you can easily dispose of when cleaning your carpet or your furniture. Do not be afraid to get down and thoroughly check under the chairs if there is any unwanted animal hair.

Step Five: Shake It

If you have doors mats within your carpeted house, you are supposed to frequently give it a shake in order to clean it. Roll it from end to end and take it outside the house and shake it over. But ensure you put on the mask as this will prevent you from inhaling the dust from your door mats or the rugs.

Step Six: Utilize a Packaging Tape 

You are supposed to clean up your house by utilizing a packing tape in different sections, and when cleaning pet hair, remove your shoes and use your house clothes. Be ready to get dirty.

Step Seven: Small Brush 

This works effectively for carpets that have short fibers. If the fibers are large, utilize a regular brush and clean all the undesirable hair. A lot of care is required in order to prevent damage to fine carpets.

Step Eight: Bucket and Sponge

Add some soapy water to a bucket and then wring the sponge out and use it to scrub gently on the carpet with pick up hair, dirt and animal fur. It may take a lot of time but it has the best the results.

Step Nine: Lint Rollers 

You can easily clean animal fur and hair by using rollers. Begin by picking all the visible hair by hand and then use the rollers to clean the sections.

Step Ten: Inflate a balloon 

Rub the balloon against the surface that has animal fur or hair on it. The static charge will attract the hair and will eventually clean the surface.


If you are not using a vacuum to clean pet hair in your house, you can simply follow the above steps to clean up animal fur or hair that will ensure that your house remains clean

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