10 Excellent Ways to Promote Safe Sleep for your Baby

Babies sleep a lot unlike adults not just for how many times you want them to sleep or for how long you prefer to. But during night time, is another different story. Just when you feel to jump over your bed and lay down for a good sleep or safe sleep, your baby’s day is just starting. Sleeping may seem like one of the safest activities of the babies, but on the other hand, parents are saddened to discover that it isn’t. Studies have shown that about 3,500 infant deaths each year happen when a baby is asleep.
Safe Sleep

10 ways to promote safe sleep for your baby

1. Make your baby’s crib free of blankets, toys and pillows. Things like these may suffocate your baby because it may block your baby’s face especially when your baby hasn’t learned to roll over yet.

2. Share a room with your baby. Although it’s not necessary for your baby to share a bed with you when sleeping, keeping the baby near you during first six months can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

3. Avoid leaving a bottle in your baby’s crib. If you are using a bottle to feed your baby, make sure that you are with the baby until the baby stops drinking and falls asleep to make sure that the bottle won’t just be left inside the crib.

4. Put your baby down on his/her back. Studies show that babies sleeping on their stomachs lying on bed are at much higher risk for SIDS.

5. Don’t overdress your baby. You might be thinking that your baby will be cold and needs extra layers of sheets but babies that are too hot are at high risk for SIDS.

6. Consider using a pacifier. Just make sure that the pacifier is clean and dry. Research suggests that pacifier can decrease the risk of SIDS. Pacifier may also help your baby calm him/herself, so you can give it before naps and bedtime.

7. Parents should have a healthy lifestyle. This is the topmost priority of parents in order to keep their babies healthy is to keep themselves healthy. You should not smoke during or after pregnancy as this can increase the risk for SIDS. Consider breastfeeding as well.

8. Co-sleep safely. If you like to be sleeping with your baby or you’re breastfeeding and likes to have an easy access to your baby at night, you might be co-sleeping with your baby. In order for you to co-sleep safely, make sure that there’s a guardrail preventing the baby from rolling off the bed or you from rolling over with your baby.

9. Use a firm sleep surface. A crib or bassinet along with a firm mattress and fitted sheet is recommended in order to prevent SIDS.

10. Do not place your baby to sleep on couch, sofa, or armchair. These are dangerous places for your baby to sleep and have a high risk of SIDS.

When you put your baby on his/her crib for a nap or during bedtime, you never expect for a tragedy to happen; but it can. In order for you to make sure that your baby is on a safe sleep, one of the most important ways is to follow the rules of safe sleep.

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