WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press Review

A new era has opened for the drillers. Works have become very easy and short by the activation with a variable speed drill press to the people. This tool is available for working to get ease and comfort. For doing work perfectly WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press may be a good media as well as a work partner for your daily activities. Its consistency and workability have made the process easier and softer.

Variable Speed Drill PressSo, in order to get help and doing your performance well try to use a piece of this tool. If you are searching for a strong, sustainable drill press furnished with multiple activities at a reasonable price, this model had better be on your list. For more information, read wen drill press review thoroughly.

Features of the variable speed drill press:

  • Mechanical variable speed system
A good feature of speed as it provides you 580-3200 RMPs with the simple turn of the speed adjustment lever and torque, make you easy and tenderness during the period of activity as well as it doesn’t create any uncomfortable.
  • Work light advantage
An onboard work light system has made the process very delightful. It can illuminate your workpiece in any lighting conditions that is very helpful for your work.
  • Depth adjustment gauge
This instrument has a suitable distant gauge that is much necessary for the adjustment of the worker. It can make the hole without any problem.
  • Extended Table roller extension
A nice table roller extension is set to the instrument. The workpiece can get support keeping the distance of 17 inches that helps you avoiding risk. In this regard Wen variable speed drill press support you much.
  • Beveling work table
Wen variable speed drill press contains the work table in a good position which is able to move up to 45 degrees. In order to get benefit this table is designed like that. On the other hand, its distance from both upper side and the lower side is accurate to operate your activities.
  • Speed readout in a digital way
 For working smoothly calculating speed is very necessary. Wen variable speed drill press provides you an LED screen display and time reader at the same time. This speed reader supplies you proper speed so that you can do the work accurately. As a result, you can know the exact RPM at every moment.
  • 12-inch swing and 3-1/8-inch stroke
You should drill directly through the center of a circle measuring of the workpiece. Wen variable speed drill press has a nice system that is able to work through 12-inch swing and 3-1/8-inch stroke also. So, it is much effective than any other drill press machine.
  • 5/8-inch keyed chuck
 Keyed chuck is very necessary to control the workpiece properly. Otherwise, it can provide you a misinformation. Wen variable speed drill press machine helps you from doing wrong. You can get benefit from it which is able to serve you MT2 spindle taper accepts bits up to 5/8 of an inch in diameter.
  • Laser precision
 Wen variable speed drill press machine connects a laser board just the side of the working level. This laser piece can help you to specify the exact position. As a result, the bit will travel through for maximum precision at the moment of drilling.
  • Cast iron base
 A very nice cast iron base is set up in the Wen variable speed drill press machine. It can control the machine properly and helps to stop moving, walking and wobbling. Its holes are the bolt which is able to stand the machine strongly.


  • Helps to provide light.
  • Cast iron base is set up smoothly that stops any disturbance.
  • Laser precision indicates the actual spot.
  • Current speed is available during drilling.
  • Beveling work table can rotate up to 45 degrees as you need during work.
  • Depth adjustment gauge helps you keeping right distance.
  • High-quality build and durability.

  • Locking Linear Depth Stop adjustment requires a wrench.
  • Inserting chuck key may be difficult.

Why will you choose it?

This machine is more available and perfect to do work as you need a suitable one. To make your work easy and comfortable Wen variable speed drill press machine is a better one. Its work capacity and various facilities will make you a perfect driller in your workplace.

In modern time such kind of drilling machine very much needs to demolish labor time. It makes workpiece right and gives a right shape. No hesitation in carrying it as well as standing rightly. When another one walks and wobbles. Its steadiness keeps you free from being placeless.


With a drilling capacity of 3-1/8” and a board range of speed settings WEN 12-inch drill press is a completely powerful workstation. When an industrial grade is so hard, it is applicable to working through different kinds of materials metal, wood, and plastic with ease. This drill press is capable of drilling up to 5/8”. Another feature of WEN 12-inch drill press is that it has spindle travel of 3-1/8 inches which is able to drill a hole up to 3-1/8 inches.


You may wonder why some drill presses cost more than other drill press machine. Its simple answer is the quality of build and durability. Some cheaper drill presses may have plastic parts. These may have brittleness and a less working mechanism. The WEN 4241 drill press is made of solid metal with having stable and durable sturdy cast iron base. These features tell the more duration of the lifespan of the workstation and supplies a balanced performance.


The drill press can be difficult in poor lighting. But it is not of fear since The WEN 4241 drill press provides lighting. It can illuminate and brighten up your workpiece with its onboard work light. An LED bulb is provided for this easier operation.

Customer Review:

At the time of reviewing of the drill press, it was found that many customers liked the WEN 4241 drill press as it was working quietly and smoothly. Many of the customers commented that this product had impressive build quality.

However, several people have pointed that WEN 4241 drill press machine requires a wrench to be adjusted. Some other have pointed on the issue of the bit tight on the chuck, making it a little bit hard to get the chuck in.


The WEN 4241 drill press is a light sustainable and strong, mid class drill press. It is suitable for both light and heavy work. This drill is better while you are not capable of doing with others. Its multiple features have made it a unique in the market because of its impressive build quality. If you have a short space and cost becomes another factor then it would be a better one.

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